Digital Agriculture

Digital Development for Feed the Future (D2FTF) was a three-year collaboration (2015-2018) between the Bureau for Food Security and the U.S. Global Development Lab to demonstrate how leveraging digital tools holistically and according to best practices can improve the cost effectiveness and development results of the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future Initiative (FTF). Building upon the GFSS Technical Guidance on Digital, D2FTF worked alongside FTF target country Missions to assess opportunities, recommend actions, and deploy resources for the integration of digital tools and technologies through in-country assessments, technical assistance, and scoping new activities. This work is now headed by BFS, with support from the Digital Frontiers mechanism. It continues to focus on four categories of digital tools, based on their evidence of impact: (1) precision agriculture (including sensor technology), (2) digital financial services, (3) data-driven agriculture, and (4) ICT-enabled extension.

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